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    CG is a Sino-Hong Kong venture corporation considered one of the leading manufacturers of cable equipment in China, Shanghai. The corporation was founded in 1998, today has more than 400 employees. Our goal is to provide exceptional service to our customers in conjunction with quality products. …more>>

    ADSS cable01

    ADSS cable price per meter non-metallic adss installing fiber optic cable for Power Transmission Line

    Indoor fiber optic cable02

    0.9mm Tight Buffer Cable/Indoor Use Simplex Cable(GJFJV)
    MUlti Purpose Distribution Cable(GJFJV)
    Multi Purpose Distribution Cable(GJPFJV)
    PUR Jacket Mobile Cable for military use(GJPFJU)

    Outdoor fiber optic cable03

    Stranded Loose Tube Non-metallic Strength Member Non-armored Cable(GYFTY)
    Loose Tube Non-metallic Strength Member Armored Underground Cable(GYFTY53)
    GYFXY network cables unitube nonmetallic unarmored optical fiber wire
    Loose Tube Double Sheath Underground Armored Cable(GYTA53)

    OPGW&OPPC cable04

    12/24/36/48 core Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire(OPGW)
    OPPC Cable for Power Transmission Line

    Fitting equipment05

    FC/SC/ST/APC Fiber Optic Connectors
    Corona Protector
    Installation Tools

    Cable equipment06

    FTTH corridor box
    Horizontal type fiber splice closure
    Dome type fiber splice closure
    Standard optical fiber patch cord

    Brief introduction of CG
    Our goal is to provide exceptional service to our customers in conjunction with quality products.

    Changguang Communication Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd.

    CG specializes in the production of:
    l Special optical cable
    l Dielectric self-supporting cables
    l Line fittings and fasteners
    l Fiber optic cable for indoor use
    l External Fiber Optic Cable
    l Cable accessories
    The goal of CG is: to be world famous, producing high-quality products, developing and increasing the turnover of the corporation.


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