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    • Product Name:0.9mm Tight Buffer Cable/Indoor Use Simplex Cable(GJFJV)
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                                                      0.9mm Tight Buffer Cable/Indoor Use Simplex Cable(GJFJV)

    1.Adopted to indoor distribution..
    2.As pigtail of communication equipment.
    3.Suitable for communication equipment served.
    4.Can be installed conveniently and perated simply.

    1.Two single-fiber as basic unit .flat twin configuration.
    2.Single-cable with independent strength member.
    3.Tight buffer.(900um or 600um)

    Packing & Shipping

    Rolled by wooden drums. 2km-3km per drum or other required.
    Sheath mark
    The following printing is applied at 1-meter intervals.
    a. Supplier: Changguang or as cuctomer required
    b. Standard Code(Product Type, Fiber Type, Fiber Count)
    c. Year of manufacture: xxx
    d. Length marking in meters
    Our goal is to provide exceptional service to our customers in conjunction with quality products.

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